Monday, October 1, 2012

Summer 2012

Hi, My Dear Crafters,

I have been away from my blogger because my family and I took a long vacation in Florida. It was about time for us all to relax before the school started again. We did a lot this summer!!!

In July, my husband put his feet down and decided to get his dream motorcycle, which I am very against it, but he got it anyway. At least, he only uses it to go to work, it is just a few miles from home. So, it’s not so bad and he drives it very consciously. 

We went to Mikaelas' 5th Birthday at the end of July in a fairy tale restaurant. It was our first time going to this time of party/restaurant, we had so much fun! We got to see all the Disney Characters, play with them and take picture with many of them! We just loved it and had a blast! The best part of it all, we got to see our Texas family and share with them Mikaelas' 5th Birthday! 
I wanted to do a card with the princess theme (she loves Disney princesses) but at the end I decided to go with a different layout. I hope you like it just like Mikaela did. She was so happy!

Front of the card
Inside of the card

I am going to entered Docerela Creations Post #22 challenge - Border using punch or cricut.
I used the MS heart punch around the page.
2nd Challenge is at Hiding in My Craft RoomHIMCR #65 - Freestyle!

In August, My kids and I decided to put the feet down and get a pet. My husband is not an animal lover whatsoever. But think about it; If my husband got his motorcycle why couldn't we get a pet, right?! Well, we finally did got a pair of blue and white parakeets. :) We named them Ben and Fifi.

But deep inside, it was not what we really wanted it. My kids and I always wanted to have a small female dog.  Back in the days, when I single, I had a Yorkie; which by the way, when I got married I had to leave it behind. You all can guess it why, right? My Yorkie was so cute and obedient that my kids wanted to have one too. So we had a pair of parakeets and we also got a dog. I thought I could handle it. ;)

OMG, she was perfect, so obedient, already trained, no barking, and so lovable. One even might think, what could go wrong now? We finally got the dog of our dreams and life was good!!!Well, that is not always right!  Unfortunately, it went so wrong, WE GOT SO ALLERGIC TO THIS DOG, it broke our hearts!!!
 I am talking about running nose, watering eyes, sneezing, and the worst, my bronchitis attacks came back. I could not even breathe well even with my inhaler.  We finally get a chance to have a dog and we are so allergic to her; she only stayed 5 days with us. 
My kids were devastated it...  but out of the rainstorm comes the rainbow, right? Thanks to God, it sure does! :)   

The same lady that sold us the dog had a Maltese for sale. She was so understandable, she took the other dog back and exchanged to the Maltese. We believe that all is good and that everything in life happens for a reason. We know that God cares and we know how he works.  That is a way of life; we are happier with the choice and satisfied than before. :) Do you agree with the kids?

They are so happy with the new dog. They named her Joy. I think it’s a perfect name, what you think?  So far she has been so good to us!

I wish you all the best and Thank you so much for stopping by! Could you please leave me a comment? I will greatly appreciate it!

Many Blessings!!!